Presentation (MTF Flange Vibrator)

First of all, the MTF flanged vibrator is a high quality vibration equipment designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding industrial environments With its robust design and reliable vibration performance, the MTF offers a superior quality solution. All for a variety of industrial applications.

The MTF is equipped with a high-performance electric motor. It provides constant and reliable vibration power. It also has a sturdy steel mounting plate. This provides secure and easy attachment to most work surfaces.

The MTF is also available in a range of sizes and configurations. This makes it an ideal choice to meet a variety of vibration needs. It complies with the highest international standards for use in potentially explosive dust atmospheres. Especially in areas 21 and 22. It offers a constant vibration performance even in the most difficult environments.

With its high-quality design and reliable vibration performance, MTF is the ideal choice for industrial applications such as transport, handling, packaging and much more. In addition, its robust construction guarantees a long service life and increased resistance to harsh environments.

Don’t let vibrations disrupt your business. Opt for the MTF flanged vibrator for a superior vibration solution. Order today and discover the difference MTF can make for your business. With its constant and reliable vibration performance, durability and compliance to the highest standards, the MTF is the ideal choice to meet all your vibration needs.


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