Mechanical vibrators

Vibrateurs mécaniques


Presentation (VU Mechanical Vibrator) The VU mechanical vibrator is an industrial equipment used for fluidification and transport of bulk materials. It contains pellets, powders and pellets. But also

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Our mechanical vibrators are reference products for a large majority of manufacturers.

It’s a device that uses a vibration mechanism.

These vibrators have no special bindings.

However, they are very practical because they do not take up space.

Therefore, these vibrations are used for soil compaction. But also the transport of bulk materials, or particle screening.

It is a steel alloy that allows for higher strength and durability.

They are chosen for their reliability, simplicity and efficiency in producing high frequency vibrations.

This range is designed to guarantee reliability and good performance.

Indeed, our wide range is suitable for any situation. They allow efficient and precise handling of materials.

This makes it a popular choice in mining, manufacturing, agriculture or construction.

Mechanical vibrators can be powered by different types of energy sources. There is electricity, compressed air or gasoline.

The vibration mechanism may consist of an eccentric shaft, an unbalanced mass or an oscillating piston etc…

In addition, our vibrators are designed with different vibration characteristics like frequency. But also amplitude and waveform. This allows them to be adapted to different types of materials and industrial processes.

Finally, these mechanical vibrators are available in a variety of different configurations. In order to meet the specific needs of each industrial application. These different choices are intended to satisfy each use. This allows optimum efficiency, protection and productivity.

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