Electronic regulator/ vibrating hardware

Régulateur électrique RF4 PWM


Presentation (RF4 PWM electrical controller) The RF4 PWM electrical regulator is a power converter widely used in electronic applications to regulate voltage. But also the current and frequency

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Régulateur électronique CV12/17


Presentation (electrical controller CV12/17) The CV12 electronic regulator is an electronic device for regulating the electrical voltage in an industrial system. It is designed to regulate an electrical

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Régulateur électronique


Presentation (electronic controller) The CV6 electronic regulator is an electronic device that regulates the electrical voltage in the system. It is often used in industrial applications to maintain

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Régulateur électrique CV8


Presentation (CV8/17 electronic controller) The CV8 electric controller is an indispensable electronic device for demanding performance applications. But also precision and control. It is used to regulate the

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régulateurs électroniques


Electronic controller electronic controller Ensure optimal operation and maximum protection of your electrical equipment. Thanks to our high quality electronic controllers. We know that voltage and frequency stability

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Circuit électronique stabilisé


Presentation (Electronic circuit stabilized R3FC) The R3FC stabilized electronic circuit is an electronic device designed to stabilize the electrical voltage of an electrical system. It is generally used

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Our Electronic regulator/ vibrating hardware equipment are great qualities and are a success.

Electronic regulator:
Electronic regulators are electronic devices used to regulate the voltage or frequency of an electrical current.

They are often used in electrical power systems.

This serves to maintain a constant voltage or adjust the frequency of the electrical current.

An electronic regulator is an electronic device that automatically adjusts the voltage, current or frequency of an electrical circuit.

Indeed, it maintains a stable and constant output despite the variations of the conditions of entry.

Vibrating Equipment:
A vibrating material is a device that produces mechanical vibrations for various applications.

Vibrating materials can be used in industrial applications such as soil compaction and bulk material screening.

Or the separation of liquids and solids, the transport of bulk materials.

But also the concrete vibration to remove air bubbles etc…

Vibrating materials are also used in medical applications to stimulate blood circulation.

To relieve pain and improve mobility.

They are also used in fitness applications to help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

In short, our vibrating materials and electronic regulators adapt to the desired use.

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