Presentation (Electromagnetic Vibrators A2/A4/A20)

First of all, the A2/A4/A20 electromagnetic vibrators are high quality vibration devices. They can be used in many industrial applications. In particular in concrete production, mould making and bulk material separation. With their powerful vibration force and robust construction, they are designed to offer long-lasting performance. But also reliable to meet the most demanding needs.

Indeed, thanks to its advanced technology, these vibrators offer a range of vibration frequencies that can be adjusted. This serves to meet the specific needs of each application. In addition, their compact and lightweight design allows for quick and easy installation. This reduces downtime and improves productivity.

Whether you are a construction contractor, parts manufacturer or materials processor, the A2/A4/A20 is the ideal solution to your vibration needs. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of these vibrators and how they can improve your productivity and efficiency.


The main feature of these electromagnetic vibrators is their ability to produce high quality vibrations with adjustable force and frequency to meet the specific needs of each application. They are also characterised by their robust construction and durability. This allows them to operate reliably and consistently in demanding industrial environments. Their compact, lightweight design also makes them easy to install and reduces downtime for greater productivity.


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