Roller Vibrators R

vibrateurs à rouleaux


High frequency roller vibrators are tools. Mainly used in industry for soil and material compaction. In addition, they generate high frequency vibrations that help to smooth and compact materials, increasing their density and stability.

Indeed, they can be used to compact soil for roads, car parks. But also for sports fields and foundations. But also to compact materials for dikes, embankments and mine backfill. Indeed, high frequency roller vibrators are usually powered by electric motors. They can be mounted on trolleys, tractors or self-propelled rollers.

Our roller vibrators

Indeed, our products are designed to improve bulk material handling processes in industry. Hopper emptying systems allow materials to be emptied in a controlled and efficient manner.

Screen filters are used to separate materials according to size. Small particle conveying is used to transport bulk materials from one point to another. Anti-sticking in pipes and silos prevents materials from sticking to surfaces, making cleaning easier and avoiding material loss.

Finally, fine powder transport is used to transport bulk materials such as powders, aggregates and fine particles. Compaction of plastics and concrete in troughs inevitably increases the density and stability of the materials. This can improve their quality and durability.

In short, these products are an asset for companies that handle bulk materials. With the aim of improving their processes, reducing costs and increasing the quality of finished products.

  • Vibration by a rotating precision steel roller.
  • Synthetic shock absorbing caps.
  • Housing with 4 mounting holes.
  • Air supply from above or from the side.
roller vibrators

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