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Small-parts conveyor drives are used wherever fine bulk materials or small granules have to be transported, dosed, extracted, conveyed or distributed from small storage hoppers.

Operation of the small-parts conveyor drive

The vibration of LEV/LEX 4 is a mechanical phenomenon used in the manufacturing process. For the purpose of positioning and selecting different types of parts. For this reason, vibratory feeders are part of many processes such as transport, dosing and packaging in different industries. For example, pharmaceutical, automotive and food, among others. Regardless of their size, all these systems, including electromagnetic feeders, operate on the same principle.

They move the product by vibrating the feeder. The coins in the magazine make a series of small jumps when they start to vibrate. This series of jumps creates a flow, a chess piece in constant motion. The most commonly used equipment in this niche is vibrating bowls. Therefore they are used to orient the parts in a specific orientation, and the linear feeders, used to transport the parts horizontally.

For example, in a linear vibratory feeder we have a system consisting of a base unit, a coil, an elastic spring, a magnet and a turntable. The top is connected to the base unit by elastic springs. They allow a movement between the two, and thanks to these movements, the parts move. As a result a coil attracts and releases a magnet attached to the tray, creating relative movement between the base unit and the feed tray.

The vibration

The vibration of the electromagnetic charger is generated by the alternating current flowing back and forth in the coil wire. As the current moves in one direction, the coil attracts the magnet and adds tension to the spring. Once the current changes direction, the magnet is released and the potential energy stored as tension in the spring is used to move the plate. When this process is repeated at high frequency, a continuous flow of parts is created.


The small-parts conveyor is an essential tool for the transport and packaging of parts in many industries. Electromagnetic vibratory feeders are an effective method of achieving this. The operation based on alternating current in the coil to generate the movement of the magnet is an ingenious system to generate a constant and precise vibration. Similarly, vibratory bowl and linear feeders are also popular choices for various industrial applications.

Technical data of the small-parts conveyor drive

Max. Trough Weight (Kg) 10.0kg
Typical Flat Bottom Trough
Length x Width (mm) (Guidance only) 800 x 301/200
Maximum amps 115/1/50 1.30
Maximum amps 230/1/50 0.65
Power watts 68
IP67 protection

vibrating baseplate

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