Knocker FKL-100 Mi

Knockers FKL

General Details

Knockers FKL-100 is a versatile product designed to remove adherent materials. For example, on the walls of containers such as silos, filter outlets of chutes, reactors and pipelines. It can be used for dry or wet materials, with low to high density and fine to large grain size. The product solves the problems of material accumulation caused by heat exchange. This is due to the fact that there is a high degree of contact between the storage unit and the environment, as well as the formation of deposits of zoned material and wet material.

The Knockers FKL-100 is suitable for a variety of application areas, including food processing. But also the building, construction, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. As well as the machines and installations. It has a multiple impact mode. Its impact force and impulse can be adjusted as required. The product works without lubrication and can be used up to a maximum temperature of 85°C. We have versions available for temperatures up to 150°C (HT version) and as low as -40°C (LT version) on request.

characteristic of the Knockers FKL-100

The Knockers FKL-100 is supplied with dry filtered air at a pressure of 7.5 BAR. It does not require lubrication. It can generate an adjustable centrifugal force from 1 to 20 kg. Simply by adjusting the airflow. The product operates at a maximum frequency of 10 strokes/min in batch mode. The body of the unit is made of extruded aluminium alloy for optimum durability. The Knockers FKL-100 is particularly suitable for the cleaning and stripping of hoppers. As well as for the breaking of bridges and chimneys for aggregate hoppers.

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Contact us today for technical advice on your project. Because FKL 100mi Pneumatic Beaters are in stock and available for dispatch on request!

Knockers FKL-100

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